LGBT Folks Stop Being So Damn Sensitive!!!!!!

This is just humor, boys will be boys. Stop with all the political correctness gosh!!!!!

MLB Rookie Hazing

Cross-Dressing Sends Dangerous Message

… Says LGBT Org. by TMZ Staff


A powerful LGBT group — backed by some HUGE athletes — is calling for MLB teams to quit hazing rookies by forcing them to cross-dress … because it sends a dangerous message to kids.

Several teams — including the Oakland AsMiami Marlins and Chicago Cubs — dressed their rookies up in women’s clothing and paraded them around this week as part of a hazing tradition that’s been going on for years.

Enter Hudson Taylor — head of Athlete Ally — an organization that promotes LGBT acceptance in sports. Taylor says the cross-dressing ritual is designed to embarrass the players … which reinforces the message that men in women’s clothing is something to be mocked.

“Requiring rookies to dress in feminine presenting clothing like wigs, dresses, and bikinis sends a strong and dangerous message that being a girl, woman, or feminine is somehow less than, and something to be mocked.”

“Regardless of intent, as long as professional athletes participate in hazing of this kind, they will be continuing to perpetuate a culture that isolates, excludes, and marginalizes the experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and female athletes.”

Athlete Ally has more than 130 pro athletes on its “ambassador” roster — including Andy Roddick, Abby Wambach, Kenneth Faried, Martina Navratilova, Donte Stallworth, James Blake, Sydney Leroux and Megan Rapinoe.