Lets get McDaniels out of here already…

One of the worst offensive displays I have seen in a long time. I know a lot of this has to do with talent and the line, but our play calling has been absolutely horrendous. The Patriots are at their best when Brady is running the offense and utilizing the no huddle. I dont think I have seen any no huddle plays this year so far. This guy is an absolute joke and the reason our offense hasn’t gotten anything going this year.Sometimes I forget how he traded up to get Tim Tebow… Follow me along this 2014 statistical journey..

Total Offense Yds: 1194 (24th)

Yds/GM: 298.5 (29th)

Points Per Game: 20 (24th)

3rd Down %: 36.2 (27th)

I could keep going, were 20th or worse in almost every statistical category..

This falls on you McDaniels.. Get this guy out of town and let Brady take over this offense and run the play calling..

Turns out Dobson hasn’t played the last couple of games because of mouthing off to McDaniels, probably because hes even pissed how this offense is operating…

I think step 1 in this rebuilding process is to get this guy out of here….