Kraft calls Monday Nights game the worst he has seen

Patriots owner, Rob Kraft, calls Monday’s 41-14 loss to the Chiefs “the worst game since Bill has been coaching”.

I am glad this game is getting called out, it was a total abomination and embarrassment. Going into this game I was cautiously optimistic, but in the back of my mind I had a bad feeling that we were going to be absolutely toasted on Monday night. Coming of an ugly win against the Raiders this game could have gone either way. I was really hoping to see some progression but instead saw regression. Looking at the schedule again, the Patriots are back on prime time this Sunday night against the Cincinnati Bengals. Cincinnati has a solid running game that needs to be contained. If they run all over us and control the clock doing so, then were looking at more of the same..

If this game is a loss, there is going to be even more panic than there is already. If there aren’t any drastic changes going into this game, expect some drastic changes after this games.

Unfortunately ownership has no one to blame but themselves, this is the team they are putting on the field and expecting to win? They are well under the salary cap whether people realize that or not. I know its a business but if you don’t field a team that can win, you are going to greatly piss off your fan base. Spend some dam money, get some talented players, and get guys in here that can protect your franchise QB. Is it really that hard??