“Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.” Director’s Son Joins al-Qaida!

Lucas Kinney also known as the “White Poster Boy” for al-Qaida, He’s reportedly the first white British-born Al-Qaeda fighter in Syria. His father helped direct many major Hollywood movies such as: Rambo, Braveheart, The Lost Empire, Indiana Jones, with many more. Kinney also had to convert to Islam (the only way to be accepted into al-Qaeda) Kinney’s mother told the Daily Mail: “Lucas is a target. I’m glad he’s associated with Al-Qaeda rather than IS, but obviously I worry.”  Yes you read that correct, She’s glad he’s with al-Qaeda rather than IS. however she does worry. Don’t fret now woman, please don’t fret now. Things will work out accordingly for your little warrior I’m certain.


Maybe its my lack of knowledge about ISIS, IS, al-Qaeda, growing up here in America, who knows I could be blind to the truths of the World? Nevertheless, I believe killing for a cause is not God like and I could not be affiliated with such a group no matter what. To what extreme should we go to get our views expressed or way of Life?