If The Parachute Doesn’t Open Then What?

Please tell me I’m dreaming, more importantly it could even be a nightmare because I know the U.S. Army in Germany who was having a airborn training session dropping Humvee’s out of planes and then parachutes deploying getting the vehicles to the ground safe and sound went accordingly right?

Wrong!!! Three of the Humvee’s parachute’s didn’t deploy correctly thus destroying them all, at $200,000.00 US Dollars each within minutes of being dropped. Yes that is $600,000.00 total more than likely higher because of additional accessories and equipment on board. I don’t know about you but my tax dollars could have been used more effectively I would think. Human error? Faulty Equipment? I don’t know, nor will we ever. I’m courious to which would be a better suited answer, “The Human or The Equipment”?