I wonder if AC/DC would have done this to “The Cell”?

Photo from previous “The Police” concert in Wrigley Field.

An article from the Chicago Tribune features a few quotes from Cubs Manager Joe Maddon about the field condition in Wrigley Field.  Apparently the recent AC/DC concert left the field a mess and caused some trouble for the Cubs as they tried to field a ball.  Here is an excerpt:

“Since the AC/DC concert, we’ve had a little bit of trouble,” Maddon said in referring to the performance on Sept. 15. “I don’t know if they were out there taking ground balls before the game, or if they had nine-inch heels or spikes.

“They totally messed up the infield, and it has nothing to do with the groundskeepers. I’ve seen a bad hop at third, and a bad hop at second. I didn’t see one bad hop all year. We just got to get it ironed out because I think Starlin has done a nice job at second base. I don’t want anyone blaming him on that error. It was a weird hop.”

I hope that isn’t an excuse for poor play.  The Cubs have a history of making excuses for their bad play, just ask Steve Bartman.

But, let me ask White Sox fans, would AC/DC get the beat down if this happened in U.S. Cellular Field, or would they get a pass because of their legendary status in music?

Here is a classic song for “The Good Guys in Black”.