Hi Spencer Stone!!!!! Stay inside dude, please don’t go out again. Seriously?

Is this just bad timing or Murphy’s Law? Better yet, Spencer did you piss someone off? Dude let’s recap here: In France you along with 2 other friends were riding the Train when a Terrorist attempts to kill any and all with gun fire. So you guys stop that, you became injured in the fisticuffs. Move forward a few months: Downtown Sacramento with friends at the local watering hole and guess what happens after 12:30a.m., That’s right people! A Brawl, Skirmish of some sort! Are you ready, seriously are you ready, Yes Spencer Stone is STABBED multiple times almost life threatening. Can you image his family and friends thought process currently? However he’s in stable condition.

Stay inside Spencer, friends and family will get the food and drinks. I wish you well Sir in God’s speed.