Good news, Hernandez gets to watch Pats now

-Former New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez has been a model inmate since being moved to a Boston jail and will be allowed to watch his former teammates on television if his behavior continues. Suffolk County Sheriff Steven Tompkins tells the Boston Herald there have been “no problems, no complaints,” and Hernandez is mingling with the general population at the Nashua Street Jail. -WCVB BOSTON

If I’m Aaron Hernandez, I’m not sure if I take advantage of this. The guy had everything going for him in life. A young, tremendous athlete, money, and the life style. Threw it all away. There is no way he gets off both the Oden Lloyd murder and the double homicide. Ray Lewis is the only guy that gets away with murder, I don’t think Hernandez escapes both of these.  Being allowed to watch these games now for him has only got to piss him off and really think about his life, I change my mind, let him watch!