Geno Smith Getting His Face Punched in By a Teammate Isn’t The Most Embarrassing NY Jet Moment…

hi-res-181764388-quarterback-geno-smith-of-the-new-york-jets-looks-to_crop_northGino Smith getting his face punched in by a fellow team mate is certainly a team low, but it’s not necessarily an all time team low, which is a high note for the lowly Jets… Here is a look at just a few embarrassing NY Jet moments…


5. The revolving door that is the New York Jets Quarterback position: 

We have Gino Smith, Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow, Greg McElroy, Kellen Clemens, Brett Favre, Chad Pennington, Brooks Bollinger, Quincy Carter , Vinny Tesraverde, Ray Lucas, Rick Mirer. This staff has provided 6 combined playoff wins for the Jets since 2000.

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4. Geno Smith’s broken jaw from a team mate that he owed $600 to…

6th Round draft pick, Ikemefuna Enemkpali punched Gino Smith in the jaw in the locker room after a dispute over $600 that Gino owed Ike. Ike apparently purchased a flight for Gino to go to a fundraiser but Gino backed out and was supposed to reimburse Ike, that never happened and the rest is history. Gino is out 6-10 weeks due to the dispute of millionaires arguing over $600..


3. Bill Belichick quit as Head Coach of the Jets after one day: 

In 1999, when NY Jet coach, Bill Parcells retired (temporarily, of course), Belichick got his chance. The Jets named him the new head coach. And then Belichick promptly did this 24 hours later… Resigned and went to New England and the rest is history, it’s no wonder they hate us…


2. Drunk Joe Namath wants to kiss Suzy Kolber on Monday Night Football:

One of the all time lows for an individual but a funny moment none the less. Joe Namath was set to do a sideline interview with reporter Suzy Kolber, one problem, Joe was shitfaced and started coming on to the reporter. “I could care a less about the team strugg-a-ling”… Classic


1. Two Words: Butt Fumble

Perhaps the most embarrassing moment in the Jets’ tortured history. On Thanksgiving night, the Jets are destroyed by the Patriots, 49-19, at MetLife Stadium with the lowlight coming when Mark Sanchez runs into the backside of guard Brandon Moore and coughs up the ball. Patriots safety Steven Gregory returns it for a touchdown. It’s one embarrassment that he ran into his linemans ass, its another that he coughed up the ball, then ANOTHER that it was returned for a touchdown. This is the epitome of NY Jets football!