For The Love of The Craft! Better yet just outright Dumb?

Leonardo DiCaprio upcoming movie “The Revenant” due out Dec. 25th, was filmed in the deep woods of the Canadian Mountains. Leo had to endure frigid weather, going in and out of frozen rivers. At one point he had slept in animal carcasses, the weather was so cold to the point of possible hypothermia constantly. He states he ate raw bison liver while on set, that the Director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu keep in because of the genuine instinctive reaction. Okay, Okay, we can all say I’ll eat and do whatever as well if I’m getting paid $$millions$$, not so fast. One must be stripped of all pride, self-doubt, and more importantly what is right and wrong because this is “Art” not “Life” which starts another debate “Does Art Imitate Life” or “Does Life Imitate Art”?

Because of certain circumstances that have not been detailed as of now, more than the normal turnover of crew members rather it be quitting or being terminated. It was apparent and real, Leo called the project “incredibly ambitious” and said Inarritu was “incredibly specific” which led to departments with various disagreements and not working together cohesively. In these type of films (climate, location, etc) the crew must work together to create great synergy, if not you have a delay and/or the project goes into another direction if the Director can not keep their vision intact. So much respect to Alejandro G for seeing this project through.