First Female Ref Made Debut in KC Chiefs / AZ Cardinals Pre Season Game…



NFL’s first female referee made her debut last night in a preseason game between the Chiefs and Cardinals.

Look I am all for women in the work place and gender equality, but this lady is going to get ripped apart in the NFL… Too much testosterone and its a league of physical animals. When you introduce a female to the league its only a matter of time before the shit hits the fan. All its going to take is one bad call on Ray Rice before we have a serious scenario on our hands.

That being said I can see it now, she throws a flag on a play and doesn’t tell anyone what they did wrong..

Player: “What did I do?!?”

Ref: Nothing.

Player: “Just tell me what I did?!”

Ref: Nothing its fine!

That being said, she’s dam hot for a referee and she can throw a flag on me any time!

Good luck Sarah