Everything You Need to Know From Today’s Hearing Between NFL and NFLPA



Here is everything you need to know from today’s hearing between the judge, NFL, NFLPA:

Judge Berman talked to both lawyers, Berman hit the NFL hard again, had all sorts of problems with the language in the Wells Report and the appeal process.

Off the Monster Sports Judge Berman has no interest in the science behind deflation
Off the Monster Sports NFL atty. Nash called Brady and the NFLPA simply a “disappointed grievant”
Off the Monster Sports NFL atty. Nash: “Brady was not just generally aware, he was involved.”
Judge Berman: “Why doesn’t it say that”
Off the Monster Sports Berman asked how Goodell settled on 4 games
Berman: Which of the four games were for ball tampering and which were from non cooperation
Off the Monster Sports Berman: The next time someone tampers with the footballs but cooperates, what is the suspension?
Off the Monster Sports NFL atty Nash reiterated that is up to Goodell
Judge Berman: I have a little trouble with that
Off the Monster Sports Judge Berman then grilled Nash on Goodell’s comparison of ball tampering/deflation to steroid use. Berman was very skeptical of that point
Off the Monster Sports Berman: “There are some basic procedures of fairness that have to be followed…. You got to let someone make their case.”
Off the Monster Sports The General feeling from today’s hearing is that Berman tipped his hand a bit to the NFL in an effort to make the sides settle
Off the Monster Sports If a settlement isn’t reached, Berman said he will rule before Sept. 4. There are strengths and weaknesses on both sides, all the more reason why a settlement seems like a logical and rational outcome
Off the Monster Sports Berman: “I believe some arbitration awards have been vacated” because a witness was not allowed to be called without explanation
Off the Monster Sports Referring to NFL not allowing Jeff Pasch to be called as a witness
Off the Monster Sports Nash called Pasch “not relevant.” Called the issue a “red herring” and said Brady team opted not to seek his testimony when it had 2nd chance…
Things are looking good for Brady, Judge Berman is absolutely roasting the NFL. It wasn’t know which way Berman would attack today but just like in day 1, he went after the NFL again. Gotta feel good if you are Brady right now. A lot of direct questions by Berman of the NFL. He has a lot of problem with the procedures of the NFL and of the appeal process.. Sources feel Berman tipped his hand to the NFL that they were going to lose this judgement.
The NFL not allowing Pasch to be called as a witness stuck Berman and that is grounds alone to wipe out the case. (Pasch was editor to the Wells Report).
The report from this morning that Brady is willing to accept suspension games if they re word the penalty to non cooperation is a total fraud post by ESPN. Brady is going for the jugular.
This post will be updated as more information is released, check back often.
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