Donald Trump and Ben Carson get their way with CNBC for the 3rd Republican debate

Trump and Carson had complained about shorter segments.  CNBC has granted this along with other requests (since they did threaten to No Show if not honored).  So the debate will be 2 hours and this will include commercials, also closing remarks from all candidates.  So as usual, the media is bowing to Donald ‘Shay Whitey’ Trump and his new friend ‘Big Baby’ Carson.

Seriously though, why couldn’t CNBC have done America a big favor and let Trump and Carson stay out of the limelight for a change.  Maybe then the real politicians would have the stage and could say something meaningful for a change.  Then, Trump and Carson could have then dropped out of the race all together.  Wouldn’t that have been nice?!

Too bad…


The Oct. 28 debate will be two hours long and will include closing statements from the candidates, CNBC spokesman Brian Steel said Friday.

The billionaire businessman and the retired neurosurgeon, in a joint letter to CNBC’s Washington bureau chief on Thursday, had told the hosting network they would not appear at the debate unless it was capped at two hours including commercials and the candidates were allowed to speak directly to the camera at its opening and close. The Republican National Committee and candidates began discussing the format on Wednesday, RNC spokesman Sean Spicer said.

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