DNA Results Are In on Patrick Kane Case and It Raises Questions

imageDNA evidence does not confirm a woman’s allegations that Patrick Kane raped her, four sources familiar with the case told The Buffalo News.

“DNA tests taken from a rape kit conducted on the woman showed no trace of Kane’s DNA was found in the woman’s genital area or on her undergarments.”

The lack of that DNA evidence does not necessarily mean a sexual assault did not occur, legal experts say, and the evidence involved in this type of investigation typically consists of more than just DNA. The investigation continues, and Kane has not been charged with any crime.

Score this one for Kane. Unfortunately this is looking more and more like a case where a female is trying so desperately to say and do anything to claim rape and take full advantage of a professional athlete. The girl that was “raped” was invited with her friends to go back to Kane’s place after a night out. What did they think was going to happen? If you are afraid of putting yourself in a bad scenario, why go? Unless your intentions are to somehow get Kane’s DNA under your fingernail (like she did) and then cry rape. This chick should be put away for a long time if Kane gets cleared of wrongdoing, trust me, I don’t condone that kind of behavior, so it pisses me off when people try to take advantage of using it because the timing is right.