Democrats fight back, hit Gowdy and McCarthy for wasting tax dollars on Hillary attacks

The Democrats on the Select Committee on Benghazi have released a new fact sheet and video that shows that the motivating focus of the committee was to hurt Hillary’s poll numbers. This all stemmed from after Republican Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy was accidentally too honest about the intention of the committee during a Fox appearance. These revelations have tremendous implications as it means that American Tax Dollars were unethically wasted on a partisan effort to discredit a political candidate’s reputation.

The fact sheet includes details like:

  • Gowdy cancelled all planned meetings and hearings except for the ones that involved scrutinizing Hillary Clinton.
  • Gowdy also cancelled planned interviews and meetings with Defense and Intelligence Leaders while at the same time scheduling more interviews and depositions of Hillary’s Associates.
  • Gowdy’s press releases on Benghazi were made up of 22 releases on Hillary Clinton, while only 5 were on other topics.
  • Gowdy has spent $4.6 million tax dollars focusing on attacking Hillary Clinton.

And here is their video:

So why does America tolerate such latent disrespect for the public’s intelligence?  It is definitely time to hold Trey Gowdy and the Republican Party accountable for their dishonesty and manipulations over the course of the past 6 years.  Everything they have done has been solely targeted at discrediting President Obama or Hillary Clinton.

Also, for good measure.  Check out Hillary’s new campaign ad which hits back at Kevin McCarthy and the entire Benghazi investigation fiasco: