Darrelle Revis: Tom Brady Should “Live With” 4 Game Suspension


Everyone seems to have an opinion on Tom Brady’s pending four-game suspension for his role in Deflategate and Thursday, former Patriot cornerback Darrelle Revis gave his.

“I think it’s dragged a little bit too far,”Revis said on ESPN’s First Take. “It’s a little bit too much. I feel that he got the suspension, the four games and you know, live with it. I don’t know all the information. I don’t know everything about the whole situation. Tom is a competitor. I know he wants to win and it’s unfortunate what is going on right now with the situation. We’ll see Wednesday (Brady and Roger Goodell’s court conference date) how this pans out, but overall I think this has dragged on a little bit too long with the whole Deflategate.”

Revis was asked to clarify what he meant by “live with it” and Revis said Brady should accept the four-game suspension.

“I think so,” he said. “He and his team are doing the best thing to over turn it, but I mean Roger [Goodell] already gave him the suspension and what it’s a $1 million [team fine]? I guess he is trying to state his case that he’s innocent so I guess we’ll see Wednesday.”

Tom Should “live with it” Darrelle? Really? If you didn’t do anything wrong, should you just have to live with it too? You said it yourself, you don’t know all the information, so why should someone have to live with it.

How about the fact that you have to “live with” the fact that you had to Jet your way out of New York to win yourself a Super Bowl, get a ring then come back like you’re some sort of local hero. You should be thanking everyone in New England. Enjoy your 6-10 season this year Darrelle