Danger, Danger, Floods equal 3 pointers and wins

You talk about truly wanting to use a racial epithet to express my frustrations currently with this reporter. How can you even begin to formulate such a statement, yet actually ask it? For real Mr. Reporter correlating natural diasaters with a sports win? Human life’s have been lost, people are in disarray, homes, jobs and missing people and pets. The floods in Houston Texas have been epic, something beyond the norm.

Draymond Green a player with then NBA Golden State Warriors was asked on more than one occasion about his teams performance and wins during the “Floods” and not. Draymond I must say young man, you were extremely professional, respectful and profound by your answer given. I must say for the record your maturity is far greater than mine during such despicable line of questioning. I loathe this reporter on your behalf, The NBA, more importantly The City of Houston Tx citizens that are being effected and affected by such floods currently.