Cole who? Red Sox demolish Phillies in season opener

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 9.36.36 PMNow thats more like it! The Red Sox just absolutely opened a can of whoop ass in the season opener and showed off their new line up. Imagine if we had a DH in this game. My lord…..

Cole Hamels, who the Red Sox have been eyeing for trade possibilities, had a rough day giving up 4 ER in 5IP including 4 Homeruns. Hamels has struggled against the American League and is now 8-14…
We may want to reconsider that possible move, especially for what the Phillies are asking for in return…

Clay Buccholz looked great, going 7 innings, giving up only 3 hits, 1 BB and 9 K’s. Dustin Pedroia and Hanley Ramirez each opened the season with 2 homer games, Mookie Betts also threw in a home run to add to the damage. All 8 of the Red Sox runs came via the homerun ball.

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 9.34.39 PM

That’s gotta be a total kick to the dick for the Yankees, they open up the season with a nice little loss to Toronto, their ace got shellacked, but the good news for them is ARod had 1/3 of the teams hit going 1 for 2 in his debut. Theres plenty more where this came from NY, and the seasons only just begun…

Couldn’t have asked for a better start to the season, its a long race but it certainly looks like were heading in the right direction.

Spring is here, let’s go Sox!!!

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