Cecil The Lion Exposes Hunting As The Sociopath’s Sport

Zimbabwe to US - Extradite Dr. Walter Palmer

Have you heard about this ‘Cecil The Lion’ controversy?  Well, I will tell you the basics about what you need to know about this situation…. But first, let me get on the soap box to crack the whip for a second.


I have a hard time understanding the logic behind sport hunting.  I can understand the hunting argument from the side of “population control”, such as Alligator hunting season in Florida.  I can also understand hunting for the purposes of food, but hunting just for sport seems INSANE to me.


Ted Bundy

When I say “insane”, I do mean in the clinical sense.  Many Serial killers and sociopaths are often the ones who admit to having killed animals for enjoyment in their past or when they were young.  In fact, a study indicated that 90% admitted so.  In my eyes, paying more than double an average american’s yearly salary in order to fly around the world just to kill exotic animals takes this to a much creepier level.

2013-01-19-guns-jds_4465939_ver1.0_640_480In the United States, the second amendment is a hot topic, where people are touchy about their “right to bear arms”.  However, it seems that all sides of the debate agree that mentally ill individuals should not be allowed to purchase and possess firearms.   These people who feel the sociopathic need to poach and hunt wildlife for their own enjoyment, or for a trophy room need to be evaluated.  Let’s evaluate these people right now.   There is an ICD-10 code F60.2, that is applicable to sociopathic personalities.  The following are traits that these “hunters” hold in common with “sociopathic personality” traits that are used for diagnosis.

  • Many of these people feel that it is “their right” to bear arms, and hunt.  It is their grandiose entitlement that shall not be taken away from them.
  • They tend to hold contempt for other people who don’t agree with them or who can’t understand their point of view.
  • They do not feel that they have anything wrong with them and the end always justifies the means.
  • They will make paranoid statements. i.e. “The media is only against me because of a ploy to make all hunting illegal”
  • They have a need for extreme stimulation, a need to live on the edge, so that they can experience a heightened thrill.
  • They have no concern for boundaries, no concern for how their actions impact others, they are entitled to their every wish.

I think it is safe to assume that these “hunters” or really, any proponents for the second amendment that use these justifications, should be classified as sociopaths and therefore not permitted to have firearms anyway.

This situation is NOT a liberal attempt to “ban all hunting” nor is it a ploy to allow “Obama to take your guns”….


Ok.. So back to Cecil The Lion.

If you are not up to speed with this, or have only seen a few headlines.  This is all you really need to know about it.

Earlier this month, Dr. Walter Palmer, a Dentist from Minnesota, shot and killed a prized lion in Zimbabwe.  The prized lion, Cecil, was a very famous lion and main attraction for a wildlife park that focuses on animal preservation.  Cecil was regarded as a docile pride leader who would often draw attention for playing with tourists who were interested in taking pictures of him.  You can see a video of Cecil posing for pictures below:

The controversy is based around these alleged details to the situation:

Dr. Walter Palmer hired wildlife hunting guides to hunt a lion in Zimbabwe.

The guides allegedly baited Cecil out of the protected reserve with a dead animal carcass so that they could then shoot the lion outside of the protected boundaries.

Cecil was shot with a cross bow and stalked for more than 40 hours and then put down.  His head was then cut off for trophy purposes and this picture was taken.

It should also be noted, that Cecil was collared and had extra protection since it is illegal to hunt and kill a collared animal as well.

The allegations state that the hunting party tried to destroy the collar in order to hide it from authorities.

As reported by CNN, Dr. Palmer alleges that he acquired all of the proper permits and did not have any knowledge of the guides using any illegal practices for baiting.


Now, Zimbabwe is asking the U.S. to extradite Dr. Walter Palmer so that he can stand trial for illegally poaching a protected and collared animal.

Back home, Dr. Palmer is seeing some backlash as well.

In addition to the makeshift memorial that is taking place outside of Dr. Palmer’s office, activists have been destroying his Yelp! page, facebook and twitter accounts.  The #WalterPalmer will yield you with endless results featuring people speaking out against the Dentist.   It has also come out, that Dr. Walter Palmer is an experienced hunter with a history of illegally poaching animals.  He has a felony conviction from 2008 that stemmed from him poaching a bear and then lying to federal authorities about the location where he killed the bear, you can read up about that here.

The social thumbprint is mostly one sided on this topic, although if you look hard enough, you can find some support for Dr. Palmer.   Mostly, I found some support for the people who were impacted from this situation that honestly have nothing to do with it.  Dr. Palmer closed his office, which means there are hard working Americans who are now out of a job, and they had nothing to do with this.  I am not sure how I feel about that.

What are your thoughts?  Hit us up in the comments.