Canadiens shine laser pointer in Rasks eye last night


Lost in last nights Patriots game, the Bruins had another tough loss to the Canadians. Losing 6-4 to the Habs and Tukka getting pulled from the game. Come to find out a fan shined a green laser at Bruins goalie Tuukka Rask Thursday night. NESN, which broadcast Thursday night’s game at the Bell Center said the unidentified fan pointed the laser at Rask in the middle of a play.

Piece of shit Canadiens fans. Probably didn’t have a direct effect on the game, but you’ve got to be pretty stupid and low to do something like this. Who does that?

Oh well, its a long season and the Bruins have a lot of games early on, this schedule for the start of the season almost set us up for this type of start. I expect them to turn it around though…