Bruins Vs. Canadiens Game 3 Preview

Shawn Thorton on WEEI – “without a doubt, the Bell Centre in Montreal is the loudest venue we play in.”

The Bruins have fared well in Montreal in the playoffs recently, including games 3 and 4 wins there in 2011 during their cup run. The crowd will definitely be a factor. It seems that the crowd in Montreal can almost will their way into penalty calls like nothing I’ve ever seen before. If we keep it to 5 on 5 hockey tonight, we win easily (currently out scoring Montreal 8-3 even strength). We are finding the net too often to not win games. If we play these games like we have played the last two 3rd periods, we win these games in blowouts. First goal tonight is pivotal and will immediately take the crowd out, if we get down early, its going to be very difficult to pull out the comebacks in the 3rd period like we did in game 1 and game 2. Needless to say its going to be a typical Bruins / Canadiens playoff game, hard fought and physical. Just the way postseason hockey is meant to be played…