Bruins vs. Canadiens Game 1 Recap

What a kick to the dick that game was. Over 51 shots we peppered Carey Price with and the dude flat out stood on his head. I won’t give him all the credit though, we should have had at least 3 more goals than we did. Shoot the dam puck when an empty net is staring at you! Krug got too cute on his pass he received in the slot dicked around with the puck and missed a great chance to score. Our PK looked awful, allowed two power play goals. Their PK (Subban) looked great and he knew it. The biggest FU to the boston crowd. I can’t get down on this, we lost game 1 vs. Detroit and we came back. I’m not saying game 2 is a must win, but game 2 is a must win.

Like I said last night on twitter, if his series is supposed to go 7 games, we’re going to lose 3 of em..