Brady’s Courtroom Sketch is Worthy of a Defamation Lawsuit Within Itself…



How can you take one of the best looking players in the NFL and make him look like hes melting out of a Salvador Dali painting? What the actual fuck is wrong with this artist… I am pretty dam sure I could do a better job… Prior to knowing who this was, if I saw it,  Tom Brady would be one of my last guesses. This looks like something out of the Addams Family or The Hunchback of Notre Dame..

The artist behind the courtroom drawing has spoken up: “Tell Tom Brady I’m sorry.” said Jane Rosenberg, a courtroom artist for 35 years. “He’s a very good-looking man. I apologize. If I had more time, I would have made him more handsome.”



Can we also just talk about how down, tired, beat up and defeated Roger Goodell looks? His drawing looks very accurate…



I’d know that look from a thousand miles away, this guy looks deflated!