Brady vs. Manning XVI Week 9 Preview

Brady / Manning 16 is this weekend and there is almost a Super Bowl type feel to this game. Every time these two meet its an instant classic. Brady holds a 10-5 record against Manning, although the last 10 meetings have gone back and forth (5-5).

Last year, Brady turned a 24-0 halftime deficit into a 34-31 Patriots win. Most of Denver’s scoring came on the defensive end of the ball and rushing attack.  Moreno had 224 yards last year on the ground and single handedly kept the Broncos in that game.. Peyton played horribly.. (19/36 150yds)

The weather this weekend plays into the Patriots hand, any time its cold and/or rainy, the advantage goes to Brady. Manning has probably had nightmares since he saw the 5 day forecast come out.. I imagine he is woken up in a cold sweat after a nightmare of looking up into the Gillette Stadium lights and seeing a cold mist of rain.  After it takes him several minutes to wipe the cold sweat off his massive forehead, he begins to weep like a baby.. Peyton is horrible in cold/bad weather games, and he knows it… I love the fact that were home dogs too.. The Pats always play with a chip on their shoulder in that scenario..

Unfortunately the way the schedule is going to play out the rest of the season, the Broncos are most likely going to end up with the #1 seed even if New England wins this game.. Denvers remaining games are a cakewalk to say the least.

Denver, currently at 6-1 (6-2 after this week) will have, OAK, STL, MIA, KC, BUF, SD, CIN,OAK..  All potentially easy wins for them..

That being said, I always will take a team going into the playoffs that has been battle tested during the season, and the Patriots remaining games are going to be that.. IND, DET, GB, SD, MIA, NYJ, BUF.. If they can avoid injuries and keep Gronk healthy, we will be very tough to beat…

The Patriots can win on the road in Denver in the playoffs, I believe our offense has stepped up this year and is way better than last year as well as our defense. Losing Talib and gaining Revis and Browner I believe made us better instantly compared to last year. Also if you remember, Welker took out Talib with a cheap shot..

Should be a great game, I cant wait for 4:25PM Sunday!!!