Aaron Rodgers is Like Michael Jordan in his Prime, Chicagoans What?

Packers teammate: Watching Rodgers like Michael Jordan in prime

Michael JordanAPThere were times last night it looked easy for Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

The hard part for teammates might have been coming up with new ways to describe it.

Backup quarterback Scott Tolzien, who grew up in Chicago, even had to switch sports to come up with a comparison.

“I mean, to me,” Tolzien said via Jason Wilde of ESPNWisconsin.com, “it’s like watching [Michael] Jordan in his prime. He’s at the top of his game. He makes it all go.”

Rodgers recalled seeing Jordan play once, when he was in eighth grade, and it left an impression on him.

“I think something inside him felt he wanted to put on a show every time he went out, because there was somebody in the stadium that hadn’t seen him play before,” Rodgers recalled. “The last game that he played in Sacramento, I was in the top row, and it was kind of a late-addition ticket.

“He scored 33 points that night, and I was new to watching him live. I’d loved watching him on TV, but it was fun to watch him live. He always brought his A-game every night.”

Rodgers did just that last night, and if anyone had never seen him, they’d wonder if the position could be played that well again. He completed 24-of-35 for 333 yards and five touchdowns, for a passer rating of 138.5 which doesn’t seem high enough to describe his precision.

And while he’s been playing that way long enough that some might be desensitized to it, his few teammates who have played elsewhere aren’t.

“I don’t. Trust me, I don’t,” former Panthers and Bears pass-rusher Julius Peppers said. “I played on some teams where I wished I had a guy like him. I think the fans here, I think everybody takes it for granted.

Are these valid statements? Can one remove any basis opinion and truly answer this question? Chicagoans what say you?