“A letter to everyone” written by Tom Brady…

BxhkXJxIgAAX_wVOnce, just once I would love to see an athlete speak their mind and tell you how they really feel in an interview or press conference… Sports would be so much more entertaining if athletes expressed exactly how they felt. Below is my letter written by Tom Brady to some of his haters. This would never happen unfortunately because Brady is one of the classiest people you will ever come across, but one can dream…

and now… letter from Tom:






Fuck You.

Fuck you Emmanuel Sanders. We beat the team that absolutely embarrassed you a year prior. Your balls weren’t deflated they were left at home in a jar. You suck you piece of shit, you should have chosen New England over Denver you Jamoke.. 

Fuck you ESPN for your fake reports. Nice fact checking by the way. You are pretty much the sports equivalent of Fox News. You also suck. Please, I insist, find something about Lebron to talk about. We would all love to know what he ate for breakfast this morning…

Mark Brunell, let me know when you are done crying. Oh you are? Ok, now go fuck yourself. You didn’t believe me? Well believe this, you were a mediocre QB at best and your wife’s vagina smells bad…

And a big fuck you to you Roger Goodell, and your piece of shit staff. Sorry by the way for not letting your distraction stop us from winning a Superbowl like you planned. How fun was that when you handed over that trophy? “Awkward.” If only you would dive as deep into drug and domestic violence issues in the NFL as you did for air pressure in a football. Eat shit and die….







The Greatest of All Time


If Only…